Financial Services

Nexus professionals support financial services providers from banking, capital markets, insurance and financial services companies with expertise in key industry processes.

Personalized Attention

At Nexus we focus on your organization's needs and create solutions that give you the confidence to do long-term business with you.


Today more than ever, communications companies need to create simple and personalized experiences for their B2C and B2B customers, as well as the need to show in one place all customer information to their executives, to provide an enriching experience, generating loyalty and long-term commitments.

At Nexus we help our clients achieve these goals, through solutions based on Salesforce Communications Cloud and with the expertise of our industry partners.

Government Cloud

Designed to enhance productivity and modernize technology for government contractors, civilian agencies, and governments. It offers tools for managing licenses, permits, inspections, and emergency programs, along with providing an online assistance center for citizens and businesses.

Health Cloud

Aims to improve patient-provider relationship management and medical record handling in the healthcare sector. It provides tools for effective collaboration across different levels of care and specialties, aiming to deliver personalized, high-quality care that impacts patient health.

Education Cloud

Encompasses all administration and operations in the education sector. It allows educational institutions to create solutions for student recruitment, admission, enrollment, and student experience, involving students, faculty, families, and alumn.

Energy and Utilities Cloud

Aims to connect teams and systems to offer more personalized and reliable energy services. It includes billing systems sensitive to price fluctuations and mobile solutions for customers, preparing for a sustainable energy-efficient future.

Manufacturing Cloud

Drives digital transformation in the manufacturing industry, optimizing collaboration between companies and personalizing the customer experience during the purchasing process

Consumer Goods Cloud

Focused on optimizing sales processes in retail stores through AI tools and automation. It facilitates inventory management, store space utilization, and provides data for effective sales strategies.

Media Cloud

Provides customer knowledge for communication service providers, accelerating sales, creating seamless omnichannel interactions, and optimizing the customer experience with pre-designed tools and templates.

Nonprofit Cloud

Provides access to a connected platform for nonprofit organizations, assisting in fundraising management, support programs, and marketing to generate impact.

Philanthropy Cloud

Helps organizations with limited resources achieve their social responsibility goals, offering tools for organization, management, personalization, and monitoring of philanthropic efforts on a centralized platform.